Assam CM Himanta links border clash with Mizoram to cow bill, drugs crackdown | India News – Times of India

GUWAHATI: The BJP-led Assam government’s crackdown on narcotics smuggling and the new law restricting cattle transportation through its territory might have been triggers for “non-state actors” in Mizoram to engineer Monday’s flare-up in which five cops were killed, CM Himanta Biswa Sarma said on Tuesday.
“The drugs route originates in Myanmar and travels through Mizoram and Assam’s Barak Valley all the way to Punjab,” he said, urging his Mizoram counterpart Zoramthanga to probe “how could civilians in battle fatigues and bulletproof vests, turn up at the border to attack our policemen with sniper rifles. I have video evidence. I think it should be investigated whether certain vested non-state actors entered the fray”.
“I have strong reasons to suspect that some decisions by the Assam government in the last two months angered non-state elements in Mizoram,” Sarma said, pointing out that the state’s refusal to provide sanctuary to a section of Myanmarese refugees entering Mizoram might be one of the peeve points.
“I told the Mizoram government that Assam cannot allow these people from Myanmar to settle (in Dima Hasao district) without the Centre’s explicit approval. This might have provoked a section of Mizos.”
On the possibility of the new cow protection law being linked to the border violence, Sarma said “rumours” about Assam targeting beef supply to the rest of the region might have led to resentment in a predominantly Christian state like Mizoram. He assured Assam’s neighbours that there was nothing in the act against them.
Sarma said he had also made it clear that Assam would not retaliate and would never endanger the lives of civilians through retaliation.

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