Friendship Day 2021: Date, significance of the occasion celebrated on first Sunday of August in India

With 2 August as the original date, Friendsip Day was created in 1930 by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards

Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August in India.

Friendship Day or the International Day of Friendship is celebrated every year on 30 July. However, various countries like India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, United States, and the United Arab Emirates celebrate this day every year on the first Sunday of August. Hence, in India, the day will be marked tomorrow, 1 August.

By developing strong ties of trust through friendship, all of us can contribute to the fundamental shifts that are urgently required to generate passion for a better world, weave a safety net that can protect everyone around us and achieve lasting stability.

Significance of Friendship Day

Friendship Day is important because it promotes the role that friendship has in promoting peace and happiness. As everyone knows, friends are an important part of our lives who stand by us in every situation, whether good or bad.

It’s a bond that involves love, understanding, and togetherness. The day honours the strong bond of friendship that exists between people regardless of color, caste, and creed.

History of Friendship Day

With 2 August as the original date, Friendsip Day was created in 1930 by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards. After showing support for Friendship Day, the Greeting Card National Association cast it aside after it became a commercial ploy for the marketing of greeting cards.

On 20 July, 1958, the concept of creating a World Friendship Day was introduced by Dr Ramon Artemio Bracho.

On 27 April, 2011, after the proclamation of the United Nations General Assembly, the date 30 July was officially recognised as International Friendship Day. Despite this, various countries celebrate this day on different dates. While it is observed on the first Sunday of August in India, Friendship Day in Ohio is celebrated on 9 April annually.

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