Mumbai: Man allegedly forced to eat garbage, assaulted in Jogeshwari; video goes viral | Mumbai News – Times of India

MUMBAI: A man was forced to eat garbage and assaulted by a group of individuals at Jogeshwari East recently, following a dispute.
A video of the incident has gone viral over social media. Local residents said the victim, Tanveer Shaikh, was also forced to eat human excreta, which the police are yet to verify. Meghwadi police have arrested two people on assault charges.
Police said Shaikh and the accused had the previous enmity and had clashed before. Sheikh used to work with the accused earlier but later broke away from them.
The incident was reported on July 21 at Aman Chowk in Jogeshwari East. The accused allegedly plonked Shaikh in a garbage dump and threatened him to eat garbage and excreta. They shot a video of him eating garbage.
A local reporter got hold of the video and posted it on Twitter on July 29, tagging Mumbai Police The police’s Twitter handle responded, seeking details.
“We had already registered a case and made arrests for assault. But the video has only surfaced now. We were not aware of Sheikh being forced to eat garbage before the video surfaced. Investigations are on,” said senior inspector Sanjeev Pimple, Megheadi police.

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