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Smartwatch and accessory manufacturer Skagen has launched the Skagen Jorn Hybrid HR series of smartwatches in India. According to the company, the Hybrid HR smartwatch combines the style of an analogue watch and the features of a smartwatch. It has an extended battery life, a heart rate sensor, activity and sleep tracking, music controls and Bluetooth connectivity. The Jorn Hybrid HR smartwatches will be available for purchase on select online platforms, priced at Rs 14,495.

The Hybrid HR smartwatches are available in two sizes. Among other features, the Hybrid HR smartwatches also come with ‘Wellness Tracking’. The smartwatch tracks calories, sleep, steps, distance covered and personal goals. It also automatically starts and ends monitoring a workout and tracks the frequency of steps.

The Hybrid HR watch’s battery is said to last two weeks on a full charge. Image: Skagen

The watch’s battery is said to last two weeks on a full charge; it takes less than an hour to charge fully, thus eliminating the need for regular plug-ins.

Buyers can also customise the smartwatches. Different functions can be assigned to buttons on the Hybrid HR display. There are two case options – the classic 42 mm or the smaller 38 mm.

Skagen smartwatches can be used by friends to participate in one-on-one or group fitness challenges. Friends and family can check who is the first person to achieve a goal in the given timeframe.

With its GPS, the watch also tracks activities including cycling, hiking and other physical activities. After wrapping up an outdoor workout, users can check the app to view an animated video of their route.

The water-resistant watch is equipped with an ‘E-ink’ display, a front light for low-light visibility and real-time weather updates.

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