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The day was started by the German Brain Tumour Association in 2000 and since then, it is observed on 8 June every year

World Brain Tumour Day is marked on 8 June every year in order to educate people about the disease. The day was started by the German Brain Tumour Association in year 2000.

Data states that as many as 500 new cases of brain tumour are detected everyday globally. As per the National Health Portal, the cases of brain tumours are on the rise in India. The government has introduced the National Cancer Control Programme for early detection of tumours and thus control and prevention of cancer.

What are brain tumours?

Tumours are masses of cells that may start growing in any organ of the body. When this abnormal growth is found in the brain then it is called a brain tumour.

Such tumours may be cancerous/malignant in nature or may be non-cancerous/benign. They are further divided into primary and secondary brain tumours. If the tumour begins in the brain, it is called primary whereas if it has reached the brain from other parts of the body then it is known as secondary, or metastatic.

The impact of a tumour depends on its location and growth. Those with a family history of brain tumours are at a greater risk of getting it.

What are the symptoms of brain tumours?

The symptoms of the brain tumour may vary depending upon the location of the tumour. Most common symptoms are seizures, loss of sensation in arms or legs, frequent and severe headache, nausea, vomiting and lastly, difficulty with speech, vision and hearing.

What are the treatments available for brain tumours?

There are a few options available for the treatment of people with brain tumours. They can undergo a surgery and have the tumour removed physically. With technologies like Minimally Invasive Scarless Brain Surgery, complex brain tumours can be removed. Other options for treatment include radiosurgery, radiation therapy, targeted drug therapy and chemotherapy.

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