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A brain tumour occurs in the body when abnormal cells are produced within any part of the brain.

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World Brain Tumour Day is observed annually on 8 June. The day is marked to raise awareness and educate people about brain tumours. Among the many deadly health issues and diseases, brain tumour is the tenth leading cause of morbidity in India.

In the past few years, the cases of this deadly disease are rising and different kinds of tumours have been identified at different age groups. As per recent research and reports, there are more than 500 new cases where people have been diagnosed with brain tumour every day worldwide.

What is a brain tumour?

It is an unnecessary growth of abnormal cells in the brain. A brain tumour occurs in the body when abnormal cells are produced within any part of the brain.

Signs and symptoms of brain tumour:

Mostly, the symptoms and signs of a brain tumour depend on the size and location of the tumour in the body. Some tumours directly affect the brain tissue while some cause pressure on the surrounding brain. But the major symptoms of brain tumour include:

– Headaches (all headaches are not due to tumours. Also, severe headaches that are not relieved by common medicines should be taken into note)

– A change in mental functioning

– Blurred vision or double vision

– Vomiting caused by headache

– Difficulty in physical movements like walking, speaking, as well as sensation and balancing

– Unexplained confusion even in normal things

– Hormonal imbalance or change

– Sexual dysfunction

– Drastic behavioural changes

The Government of India (GoI) has introduced the National Cancer Control Programme with the aim of prevention, screening, early detection, diagnosis and treatment including palliative care in the end stage. Meanwhile, doctors suggest the following treatments for patients according to their type, grade, and position of tumour:

– Surgery

– Radiotherapy

– Chemotherapy

– Steroids

– Anti-seizure medication

– Ventricular peritoneal shunt

Despite the treatment, strong emotional support of family members and friends is also required for patients who suffer from the same illness. Therefore, such patients need support in maintaining a positive attitude for healing.

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